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    Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) Progress Report No. 52

We had a very large crowd for our night run-up and an even larger one following the hangar program on Saturday September 21st, 2013.
If you weren't able to attend or even if you were, please check out Jim Blondeau's fine video at:

    Firing-Up Four Event Video

Our museum now has a half-scale, portable version of Canada's Bomber Command Memorial Wall.

Although not made of granite, it is of very high quality, the 10,659 names are easily read, and it breaks down easily for transport.

Our plan is to make the Memorial Wall available for temporary display at appropriate events and at other aviation Museums across Canada.

Even at half-scale, the Wall is almost twenty feet long and it must be displayed so that it is viewable from both sides.

We are pleased to announce that
"Wings Over High River - Conversations With Gordon Jones"
is now available in the museum shop or by mail.

    Museum Bulletin - 12 August 2012

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We're pleased to announce that the Murray Peden Tiger Moth is now on static display. The aircraft carries the marking "4080," those of the Tiger Moth Murray soloed in at #5EFTS in High River, Alberta in 1942. Over the years he has been a great supporter of our museum and of honouring and commemorating the efforts of Bomber Command.

Murray is the author of the highly regarded "A Thousand Shall Fall." The Canadian Historical Review referred to it as "The best book any Canadian has written about his war experiences."

Please see
Murray Peden - A Thousand Shall Fall
De Haviland Tiger Moth

The aircraft will be restored to flyable status as funds permit.

If the Calgary Mosquito Society is successful in their proposal to become custodians of the City of Calgary owned Mosquito and Hurricane aircraft, the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton will be the primary restoration site for these valuable historic aircraft.

Under an agreement reached between the two organizations, the museum will make our restoration shops, tools and related equipment (including specialized tools and engine-handling equipment that are used in the restoration of the Merlin engines), and our advice and expertise in aircraft restoration available to the Calgary Mosquito Society. As well, a portion of our restoration hangar will be provided for the projects.

This assistance will be provided at no cost to the Calgary Mosquito Society.

City of Calgary owned Mosquito in Storage.
[ courtesy Richard de Boer ]

During the restoration, we look forward to providing our museum visitors with opportunities to view major components of the aircraft and to observe the restoration. Interpretive signage will be created to ensure that our visitors are aware of the history associated with the aircraft.

Both these aircraft types have a direct connection to our museum. The Mosquito played a significant role in Bomber Command’s contribution to the defeat of the Nazis in Europe. The Hurricane is of importance to our museum in that Wing Commander Jack Allan DFC, a native of Nanton, flew this type during the North African campaign.

The Bomber Command Museum looks forward to working with the Calgary Mosquito Society to restore and tell the history of these important aircraft.

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Many members of the Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association have entered into a "Reciprocal Membership Agreement" whereby members of participating museums receive free admission to the other participating museums.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada