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News and Events

Bomber Command Museum of Canada
Lancaster Merlin Engine Run-ups During 2014

Date / Time Event

Friday, April 25
9:30 pm

  Night Run

Saturday, April 26
12:30   &   2:30 pm

  RCAF's Ninetieth Anniversary Commemoration

  Friady, May 23
9:30 pm

  Building Expansion "Kick Off" Evening

  Saturday, May 24
12:30   &   2:30 pm

  Ian Bazalgette VC -70th Commemoration      Poster

Saturday, June 7
12:30   &   2:30 pm

  Nanton Celebrates History      Poster
  D-Day 70th Commemoration      Poster

Saturday, July 5
11:00 am   &   2:00 pm

  Bikes and Bombers      Poster

Monday, August 4

  Nanton Parade Day

Friday, August 22

  Night Run

Saturday, August 23

  Tthe Great Escape -A Canadian Story 70th Anniversary Commemoration

Friday, September 19

  Night Run

Saturday, September 20

  Sinking of the Tirpitz 70th Anniversary Commemoration

Lancaster Merlin Engine Run-ups are immediately followed by Run-ups of our Bristol Hercules 14 Cylinder Radial engine,
the type that powered some Lancasters, most Halifaxes and Wellingtons, and all Stirling Bombers.

* Engine run-ups are subject to the aircraft being serviceable and other factors *
Please confirm by visiting the website immediately prior to the date.

Making The Merlins Run

Lancaster FM159 Starboard Engines Run
  Senator Anne Cools in Lancaster Cockpit      Part I      Part II

[ Sheena Read photo ]

[ Sheena Read photo ]

Bomber Command Museum of Canada