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Special Events
Air Gunners

Bomber Command Museum of Canada
2004 Summer Event
* Salute to the Air Gunners *

The museum's collection of five World War II gun turrets formed the backdrop for this special event honouring those who manned them in the cold, dark, skies sixty years ago. Six hundred people, including about one hundred ex air-gunners, were present as the program focused on S/L Ian Bazalgette VC's rear gunner, F/O Doug Cameron DFM, and the No. 424 Squadron RCAF air gunner team of F/Sgt. Peter Engbrecht CGM and F/Sgt. Gordon Gillanders DFM.

Highlights included the presence of eighteen members of the Gillanders family and seven members of the Engbrecht family who participated in the unveiling of a commissioned painting depicting Engbrecht and Gillanders in action and replicas of the nose art carried by their aircraft. Charles Bazalgette, S/L Ian Bazalgette's nephew, unveiled a plaque dedicating the museum's operational rear gun turret to the memory of F/L Doug Cameron.

Ex-Air Gunner Doug Penny DFM and museum volunteer Charlie Cobb unveiled the museum's Bristol Turret.
Charlie spearheaded its restoration in the museum's shop.

[ Photo courtesy Kathy Taerum ]

"Salute To The Airgunners"
( Commisioned Painting for this Event )

Bomber Command Museum of Canada