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Special Events
Dambusters Raid

Bomber Command Museum of Canada
2003 Summer Event
* Dambusters Sixtieth Anniversary - Salute to Terry Taerum *

The unveiling of the commissioned painting
by John Rutherfort titled,
"Down, Down, Down...Steady, Steady".

For the first time since Lancaster FM159 was placed in the museum building in 1991, the aircraft was rolled out into the sunlight. This enabled a Luncheon for over 300 guests to be held in the museum hangar. Hundreds more were present for the commemoration that featured the presence of Dams Raid veteran Fred Sutherland and family members of nine Canadian participants in the raid.

Highlights included tributes to John Fraser, one being a speech by his grandson John Lowe, and a musical tribute by his daughter Shere Lowe who played the Dambusters March on the flute. A commissioned painting by John Rutherford titled, "Down, Down, Down. . .Steady, Steady" was unveiled by Fred Sutherland, front-gunner on the aircraft that breached the Eder Dam and Rob Taerum, the nephew of Harlo "Terry" Taerum who was W/C Guy Gibson's navigator. The painting depicts Gibson's Lancaster at the moment the first weapon was released during the attack on the Mohne Dam.

"Down, Down, Down,..Steady, Steady"
( Commisioned Painting for this Event )

Bomber Command Museum of Canada