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Special Events

Bomber Command Museum of Canada
1998 Summer Event
* The Airforce, Past, Present, and Future *

The day started with a variety of displays in the museum, and the arrival of a British Army Air Corps "Gazelle" helicopter from Suffield, Alberta. Our friend from Wetaskiwin, Byron Reynolds, did a flypast in a Harvard. Aircrew veteran Art Smith DFC, OC. and Honorary Colonel of 416 Tactical Fighter Squadron, gave an address. He was followed by former Air Cadet Warrant Officer John Chute, who spoke about the future of the air force. The keynote speaker was Major-General Campbell, c/o of No. 1 Air Division. He appealed to the crowd to remember our proud history, to respect the achievements of today's air force, and look to the future, which will still require a strong air force presence.

This was followed by an impressive Flypast that included a 1942 Tiger Moth, Beech 18 Expeditor, a Chipmunk, and an aerobatic Zlin aircraft. The finale was a candy-drop for the kids, by Wayne Stier and Greg Scott flying two agricultural spray planes in impressive formation.

Major-General Campbell, c/o of No. 1 Air Division.

"Salute To The Airforce -Past, Present, And Future"
( Commisioned Painting for this Event )

Bomber Command Museum of Canada