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Special Events

Bomber Command Museum of Canada
1993 Summer Event
* Dambusters Fiftieth Anniversary *

Ken Brown, a pilot who took part in the WWII raid on the dams of the Ruhr Valley held his audience of 300 spellbound when he spoke at the evening banquet. The 50th anniversary day turned out great and the many visitors were lined up at times to view the Dams Raid display which was enhanced by the DFC and other medals of Milo, Alberta, born Torger Taerum, who was W/C Guy Gibson's navigator. The afternoon events culminated with a flypast of a Tiger Moth, two DH Chipmunks, two Harvards, and a CF-5 jet from CFB Cold Lake. The evening banquet was sold out and the guest speaker left those in attendance feeling they had been on the raid!

Ken and Beryl Brown;
Ken kept the audience captivated
with his vivid description of the Dams Raid.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada