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Aircraft Engines in the Collection

The company name Kinner is synonymous with the five cylinder radial and the design of this American built engine dates back to 1919.

They ran with a heavy, throbbing vibration, but enjoyed a long life and a reputation for ruggedness, durability, reliability and economical operation.

Kinners were the engine of choice for the Fleet bi-plane trainers used by the RCAF before and during WW II. Kinner B-5's (125 h.p.) powered the Fleet 7B Fawn II and the R-5 version of the engine (160 h.p.) was used in the Fleet 16D Finch and also the Fleet Model 10D's purchased by China, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Manufactured by:
First manufactured:
Kinner Aircraft and Motor
125 h.p. @ 1925 r.p.m.
5; radial; air-cooled
441 cu. In.
295 pounds

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