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I won't elaborate on the events of the past summer, other than to say that we who are on ground zero were very pleased with the way things went. As for the future, you have already read about the Memorial Wall and the running of one of the Lancaster's Merlin engines at our annual event on August 20, 2005.

In May, my wife Carol and I holidayed in Europe, England and the Isle of Man. Thanks to the wonderful hospitality of Steve Poole, curator of the Manx Military & Aviation Museum, and his wife Kathy, our visit to the Isle of Man was a holiday highlight. Steve toured us around the Isle of Mann, and their aviation museum. He also arranged for a visit over coffee with the Society's Honorary President Margaret Dove in her home. We felt very honored being the first local members to meet this delightful lady. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing her tell first hand, of the outstanding accomplishments of her father Roy Chadwick.

This trip was also an opportunity to visit Le Bourget aviation museum and Ailes Anciennes near Paris, the RAF Museum, Hendon (London), and the Brooklands Museum (Weybridge near London). At the latter museum, Curator Julian Temple, and volunteer Maurice Jones were very helpful in my search for information on construction of the Tallboy bomb. I was able to bring photos and measurements home that assisted John Morel with the construction of the Tallboy mock-up.

We hope you mark August 20, 2005 on your calendar. It will be a "must attend" function, when the Memorial Wall is dedicated and a Merlin engine runs again on Lancaster FM159!

Bomber Command Museum of Canada