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Members will receive this newsletter, about the time my wife Carol and I fly to Europe for a holiday. I hope to visit the museum that is restoring Lancaster NX664 at Le Bourget, just outside Paris.

Meanwhile, the museum is teeming with activity to complete new displays for the coming tourist season as well as planning the many summer activities, listed on page 5 of this newsletter. We hope to make the annual events even more memorable than in past years. We are inviting the owners of several Warbirds to our annual Fly-In at the A.J Flying Ranch on July 24/04. There will be some very special guests at our other summer events as well. We are sure you will want to attend as many events as possible to see for yourself what is going on at the museum.

Two major projects are now underway - funding and construction of the Memorial Wall and a separate assembly / display building for our larger aircraft.

We appreciate the support of Royal Canadian Legion #80 and their donation which kick-started the funding for the Memorial Wall. Hopefully other Legions across the country will also support this one-of-a-kind memorial dedicated to the memory of the 10,000 RCAF airmen who gave their lives while serving with WWII Bomber Command.

The funding for the assembly / display building is also underway as mentioned on page 6. The estimated cost for the "bare-bones" structure is $250,000.

I have high hopes the basic building can be up this fall with heating and lighting installed next year. I can't stress enough the need for this building to complete the assembly of the five aircraft with wing spans of nearly 60 feet. We presently have some 16 regular shop volunteers. These great guys are doing an excellent job in the present limited space. For these volunteers to proceed with restoration and assembly and for us to display the larger aircraft, this new building will be indeed welcome.

Then there is Karl Kjarsgaard's Halifax recovery project! I fully expect our good friend Karl to get this done if the aircraft is still intact! Then we will be into a whole new phase of our development of an air museum in the small town of Nanton! At that point we will have outgrown our present buildings. However, Karl has indicated that when the Halifax is recovered and delivered monies can be found for housing this great aircraft and its counterpart, the Lancaster. Irregardless, we have a world class museum in the making, no matter what!

Bomber Command Museum of Canada