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Another busy summer is behind us and plans for next year are already being made. Our visitor numbers for 1995 exceed those of previous years, which is most rewarding.

Some new displays came on stream during the summer and have enhanced the museum and resulted in longer stays by visitors.

Operation Manna Commemoration Day (reported herein) topped all previous year's events for attendance. Next year's event will honour both the men and women who served in the RCAF/RAF in all capacities.

As your museum's volunteer curator, I continue to enjoy watching over the growth of this facility and its collection. It's also scary at times when you anticipate the changes that must come about to accommodate this growth. For myself, however, it is mos uplifting to be part of a group of volunteers, who continue to meed these challenges with creative and futuristic thinking.

The expansion of the building is now our prime concern. Fund raising has started. In the next while we will be putting this in high gear. Anyone who might like to help with fund raising is more than welcome to become part of that effort. Please contact us if interested.

We try to keep collections to items mainly related to Bomber Command (main theme) and those of the BCATP (the secondary theme.) We believe this has been the reason for our success to date. there are exceptions to this policy of course. More Bomber Command memorabilia continues to be donated.

Donations of BCATP components during 1995 have added major items to the collection and made others feasible. Additional parts for the Airspeed Oxford and Tiger Moth make these two projects feasible. A total of seven training aircraft and three support vehicle projects are now on display or in storage. Artifacts from "The Plan" are a major part of the total museum collection.

Larry Wright reports that the Calgary Chapter's Lancaster retracting undercarriage display is coming along and will be in the museum for the 1996 tourist season.

We look forward to your future visits. The museum will add other attractions next year. Do come again, or if you haven't been here yet, plan on coming in 1996.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada