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Another winter is past and green grass is starting to show. It is also time to get another NLS newsletter out. As I write this I am looking at one of the few copies of our first newsletter and Oh! What a difference this new computer makes! Than is, once this old head has learned the very basics of its operation!

Anyway, on tot he serious stuff. Your Society has grown some more as darkly a day goes by that a new name is not added to our membership list through ordinary membership. Square Footer, or Lifetime membership It is most encouraging!

What has happened in the shop in the last year has made us all aware that our museum building is NOT LARGE ENOUGH! A set of restored wings (uncovered) is nearly ready to go on the unrestored Fleet Fawn fuselage for the summer. They will emphasize the need for more space as other wings come into being in the next while. At a recent meeting it was decided to start the process of funding the expansion. We hope you, the members, will approve our "Pressing on Regardless" to upgrade the facility and that you may be able to help us in this endeavour.

Running an engine on the Lancaster is another NLS project now officially under way. The tentative time frame for completing this is three years.

The museum is seeing more and more people visiting during the winter months. Word of mouth advertising by visitors and embers, along with our minimum of advertising is certainly making our museum a well-known "must see" attraction. This is most gratifying for all the volunteers involved. We all look forward to a great summer and hope to be able to visit with old friends and make new ones at the museum this summer. Please do try to visit your museum this summer.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada