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You may have noted that this newsletter has been formatted with a new program. We hope you find it easier to read. There have been other changes this past summer as well. A Harvard fuselage (on loan) now graces the hangar part of the museum, as does a Link Trainer table. In the small artifact area many new displays can now be seen. the Andy Kindret paintings make a remarkable addition.

The shop has had its busiest summer yet. With the two SAIT Aircraft Mechanic students, Greg and Randy employed over summer, a lot has been accomplished. The Anson now sits on its wheels and the engines are mounted (looks a bit like an airplane) and the Fleet wings are now ready for reassembly. Greg and Randy helped out greatly.

Our Society appreciates the continuing support of the Alberta Museums Association. Many of our current projects such as the Interpretive signage, Anson Cockpit, and the upcoming Lancaster undercarriage display, are supported by looter funds from the AMA Project Grants Program. Our THANKS to the AMA for their continuing help in upgrading our displays.

Our tour guides did an exceptional job this past tourist season of looking after visitors and imparting information about our artifacts. They managed to make the museum come alive as they and our volunteers emphasized that this museum is also about human beings

It is increasingly evident that we are going to need more room in the near future. There is room to lengthen the building by 60 feet. An estimate for such an expansion (7200 square feet) indicates a cost of $200,000. We must soon address this issue. IS there a philanthropist out there who might start the ball rolling by partially funding this project?

The Town of Nanton has given us an industrial lot to place a storage building on, for artifacts now stored outside. Again funds are needed.

That our museum will continue to grow is a certainty and with it will com the funding. We only have to look to the immediate past, just a little over three years ago the "Lanc" was still outside and a museum building seemed remote.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada