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As usual, getting the newsletter together has been left until the last minute. However, procrastination is a byword with your editor! We hope there are not too many errors and you will forgive.

Each year it gets a little more hectic around the museum in the spring. But things do get done up eventually. An example of this was the weekend of April 23/24, when 21 Venturer Scouts and tier leaders arrived. Under the direction of NLS member (and Scout leader), Garth Hurl of Calgary, they spent those two days cleaning, painting and moving artifacts. As we grow, more and more people turn out to help! Thanks, Venturers and Venture Scout leaders!

As you will not in the newsletter, work continues on the Lancaster. Mainly, what is being done at the moment is cosmetic, to make it more complete for the visitor. When you visit us this pear you will see some of the original components back in the cockpit area. The main panel is now installed (without hookups) and certainly is an improvement. By mid-May other items will be added and plexiglass covers to protect them.

The Fleet Fawn restoration is now underway and by this time next year we hope to have it looking "new" again as a static, non-flying artifact.

The Anson project will also move ahead considerably. We hope to have the restored tubular frame sitting on its gear, utilizing partial wing spars that extend just beyond the engine nacelles. This will enable us to make and fit the cabin floor. Project leaders, Rob and Pat Pedersen have, over winter, been restoring the main instrument panel and other cockpit items and will be installing them as well.

The wWII Crash/Fire Truck has been painted and restored and is now in the museum. A great addition to our collection and a tribute to co-operation between two communities!

Another part of the momentum here is the plan to erect a storage building to house the many items that now are stored in the open. The Town of Nanton has supported us in this project, by giving us a serviced industrial lot. Now a building is in order! Does anyone know where we might come up with a metal building about 50 ft. x 80 ft.? Even slightly smaller would likely do if it was reasonably priced or partially donated.

Yes, we haven't stopped moving ahead. Some days the momentum is scary as we try to keep up!

Come visit us this summer and see the progress.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada