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Your museum continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Since the spring/summer newsletter went out we have added several items to our collection.

In May the Bolingbroke fuselage was hauled and placed in the museum. We are presently searching for a centre-section, wings, undercarriage, tail section components. It is very derelict, but has many interior parts intact.

Also received was the 1943 BCATP Ford crash truck, donated to the museum by the Town of Forestburg and its fire department.

On loan from our member Jon Spinks is the fuselage and other components of a N.A. Yale trainer. Another, member Ron Jackson recently brought in his restored Tiger Moth fuselage on its gear.

Smaller artifacts and memorabilia are being received almost daily.

You are wondering why I am herewith repeating much of what you have already read on the preceding pages. Well, your Society is at a place in time where consideration of expanding our less than we-year-old museum building is a priority.

Contemplating the fact that if we presently had wings on our Anson project, Fleet Fawn, Bolingbroke, and our loaned aircraft, there would be no room to place them all!

We have room on the property allowed us by the Town of Nanton to expand the rear of the building another 60 feet. This would give us another 7200 square feet of space and would likely be adequate for all the present aircraft and any we anticipate to our collection in the future.

Such an addition would cost in the neighborhood of $200,000 dollars. Some grant (lottery) monies may be available but not on the scale realized with the main structure. I feel it is imperative expansion take place soon. In the future even lottery fund grants may not be available. (Is there a lottery winner out there who'd like to help out?)

Our restoration projects are going ahead slowly and in the next couple of years we should have projects that actually look like the original aircraft under construction. This winter will see several projects undertaken that, will greatly enhance next years displays.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada