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Our 1992 fall newsletter predicted many changes would happen over the winter months. All these things did occur, although not exactly as the newsletter predicted.

It took until March for the last of the concrete to be placed for the main "hangar" floor. the new shop is just now about to go into operation. But, everything looks just great! The concrete main floor (donated by Lafarge) has given the museum that "finally finished" look.

We expect the new shop and its expanded tool inventory to generate a lot of activity with our "New Horizons" Senior's Wing members helping with restoration and making things to complement the museum, such as signs, cabinets and display facilities.

As curator I foresee many of the stored artifacts being repaired and made ready as additional displays this summer. We anticipate that a large silhouette of a Lancaster will be maxi in the shop and applied to the museum's front to help balance the lettering.

Our Anson restoration should advance also due to the new shop facilities. Fuselage formers will likely be among the first items produced for this project.

This summer will also see the addition of a Bolingbroke fuselage to the museum, which adds one more restoration project to our agenda. (The Bolingbroke is the Canadian version of the British Blenheim Bomber). This project needs wings, centre section, engines, and undercarriage, etc. Any member who knows where there might be parts to facilitate this restoration is asked to contact us, so we might make arrangements to obtain the needed pieces.

As editor, it is pleasing to see we are gradually increasing our membership. Do come visit us!

Bomber Command Museum of Canada