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As you will have noted in reading through this newsletter a lot has happened during the summer.

Many artifacts have been received (donations and loaned) that will further enhance and expand our museum. Many of these are presently in storage but it is hoped that by next season many of these will be on display.

Some of these artifacts now on hand, due to the generosity and support of many members and supporters are: a five cylinder Genet Major engine; BCATP base radio; radio testing equipment; another Mk. VII bombsight; the Vulcan BCATP blackboard, WAAF uniforms; another Merlin engine from a Mustang; and dozens of other memorabilia of the war era.

With the concrete floor in place for next year, it will be possible to add many more displays and some tentative changes err already being planned.

One major step in the Anson restoration came about recently when the basic tubing frame was sandblasted and prime painted. This project can now get under way in ernest.

While the completion of the restoration shop is a bit behind, it should be operational by mid-December. The new year should see several projects being worked on. Some of the smaller artifacts to be restored should be ready for display next summer. Also the towing tractor that has been under restoration for some time will be in the museum next year.

The worldwide support for our reservation efforts is most gratifying to those of us here on site. This support is spurring us on to do more and better things in the coming year.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada