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We've come a long way in a few short months. This time last year a building to house the Lanc was not yet certain. Even last spring, while the museum's shell was for sure, finishing of the interior was still a dream. But people, corporations, service clubs, Legions and members, from near and far suddenly latched on to the idea that here was a really worthwhile project. And has it ever caught fire! Reading through this newsletter should give you an overview of our progress. The momentum has not stopped, not a day goes by, even as winter approaches, that we don't receive letters with donations and words that encourage us to 'press on!' And we are doing just that! By spring we will be operating entirely out of the new museum.

We hope that you see an improvement in this 'letter' as we use the computer donated by Shell Canada to put it together. Our aim is to continue to upgrade this newsletter so as to keep you, the member, well informed about the progress made in completing the museum, restoration updates, and expansion.

The museum you have helped put is place has a present value of a bout $400,000. Of course this includes land value, donated materials and labour, which hove been added to the original contracted price of just over $185,000. The donated materials and labour that have come in, and still are, have been, to say the least, phenomenal!

Stay with us, we,re just getting into high gear! But we still need your help to finish the job. Donations, large or small will help reach the final goal.

On behalf of your executive thanks for the great support. If you haven't visited us yet, plan a trip to see first hand what we have done to date.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada