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Phase I of our new museum building is now nearly complete. Your NLS executive has managed to get a lot of building for the monies raised. BUT, to finish the job of making a fully operational museum, we now need to complete Phase II of the project.

Again the awesome head of that devil, FUNDING, must be contended with before we can go much farther.

Our small group of local volunteers are getting their second wind, as they get ready to press on to a completed museum. However, we again need your help to finish the job.

One member of the Society made a statement recently that, "If all our members were to become Square-Footers, right now, we would have the needed funds to complete the museum and make it operational."

As an NLS director, as well as the person who attempts to make this newsletter something the members will look forward to receiving, I am appealing to all our widespread membership, to please consider, that each of you can help make it possible for your Society to finish the job.

Your children and grandchildren will be the beneficiaries of NLS preservation of an important part of our history and its artifacts.

On another note, we can all be proud of the accomplishment to date. Just think, a year and a half ago, there was very little light at the end of the tunnel, as to the possibility of a building to house the Lanc. the response to our plea to save FM-159 and other artifacts, by construction of a "bare bones building," was almost miraculous!

On behalf of the small "on-the-scene" volunteer group, I extend a grateful THANK YOU to all, for the help and faith you have had in us.

With your help, we will continue to "Press on Regardless" toward the goal of a completed museum.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada