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Positive things are happening! The building fund is coming along fantastically due to all you great people out there. As the newsletter goes to press, we are within $29,000 of raising the estimated $150,000 that will be needed to construct the "bare bones" building.

The wide spread support of the building fund has been very gratifying and this has given your executive extra motivation to have the building started this fall.

The Cornell (PT-26) is now in storage locally and you can read about the recovery trip to Saskatchewan elsewhere in the newsletter. We have also gained some more engines and other items in recent months. The owner of the Cornell also donated a Cheetah engine, two Jacobs, two propellers, a Gypsy Major engine (in pieces), etc.

In the newsletter you will have noted that in July a major event for your Society is to take place, the dedication of our Bomber to the memory of WWII, Victoria Cross recipient, Ian Bazalgette. There will be at least one former member of S/L Bazalgette's crew, as well as other associates, at the ceremony and banquet to be held in Nanton on July 27, 1990.

The formation of a Calgary Chapter of NLS is another indication of the Society's growth. The Calgary membership has always been a very important part of the Society and with at "at home" subsidiary chapter they can meet and organize Calgary activities. New members are also coming forward due to this. The Chapter members have been primarily responsible for the recent NLS mall displays and are in charge of the display going to 1990 airshows.

You will have already noted that the newsletter is late again. There are so many things to do and not enough bodies to do them, especially at this time of year. We are behind in other areas too and have dad to prioritize the tasks with exact deadlines, such as getting ready for the summer tourist season. It's amazing how much times is needed to get every thing in place and coordinated.

Positive things predominate, but we do have one concern. With the building fund on stream, our funds for ongoing activities like printingn newsletters, acquiring artifacts, supplies for upkeep on eth Bomber, advertising events, etc., have been declining.

Your Society still needs your continuing support for general funds. Support, in this area, by the membership is critical to the culmination of our goal of preserving the Lanc and the many other artifacts of WWII, that are now on hand. Even a small amount from every member helps greatly toward keeping up the Society's momentum.

Enough said! Have a great summer, come visit us anytime.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada