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As noted elsewhere in this newsletter, your executive has changed its direction regarding a museum building. it had become fairly evident that funding for the original building proposal was not going to come about soon enough.

After last winter's storm, in which the port elevator was torn off, it was more than evident that the first priority is to get our valuable Lanc under cover as soon as possible.

This decision has resulted in renewed efforts to find funding, allocate a site for the smaller building and to involve you, the membership, in this new activity.

It should, however, be mentioned that the original, 19,000 sq. ft. building, has not been given up, but merely put in mothballs for the present. We are more than ever convinced that we have the site and the artifacts to eventually create a first class air museum. Preservation of our museum's valuable central artifact, the Lancaster Bomber, along with a smaller museum is but the first stage in obtaining this.

This summer, the "mini" museum and the Bomber tours, again proved that we do indeed have a major tourist attraction. As of October 9th (Thanksgiving weekend) we had exceeded 20,000 visitors in the two full months (every day) and other weekends open! This represents an increase of nearly 40 percent over 1988! I predict that 1990 visitor numbers will be up again, due to our continuing promotions and word of mouth, by previous visitors.

Some changes have been made to the printed version of this newsletter due to feedback from you, our members. The names of the current executive and "ye" editor are now found in the newsletter.

Some members have indicated that they save our newsletters and object to having to cut out the membership form. Please feel free to renew by sending renewal information on a sheet of paper.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada