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    People and Progress

We've come along way since our last newsletter. Many more Lanc parts are now on hand. The T1154/R1155 (working) radios, donated by Lanc. Society friend, Rick Brand, of London, England, are now here. Allan Johnson, of Big Valley AB., donated two Bendix radios, an RA10bd (receiver), a TA-12G (transmitter), plus an MP28BA dynamotor. Mrs. D. Dawson, Vulcan, AB., gave a Marconi, C2 frequency indicator. Kal Kramer, of Three Hills, donated a G.E. BC-375E transmitter. These are only a few of the Society's friends who have helped the Lanc project.

The Anson program progress is measured by eleven accumulated carcasses. These were obtained from Dale McRae, Ernie Sinnott, and Harold Gifford, all of Pincher Creek, AB., Herbert Stange and the Markle family of Claresholm, AB., and also Phillip Bice of High River. Others have given smaller parts.

Operation "Annie" on April 9th moved 8 Ansons in one day.

"The Shop" loaned to us by the McGowan family, is seeing a lot of use. Two gun turrets and two Jacobs engines are being worked on at present. The shop is open 7pm Thurs. and 1 p.m. Sundays.

The Finance and Building Committees are doing things too. The building model, along with a slide presentation, have been used to promote the proposed Air Museum. This presentation has been made to the Alberta Ministers of tourism and culture and other groups.

Another area of progress that is reported elsewhere in this newsletter is the Summer Program. Yes, the Bomber will be OPEN, not only for special events, but for most of the summer.

The Lancaster Society has no means of support other than membership fees and individual donations. It is not supported by any group or organization. We are a registered charitable organization and we issue tax receipts. Please renew your 1988 membership and help save the Bomber and other BCATP artifacts.

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