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Name Chronicle
  Aalborg, Karl   Karl Aalborg
  Allan, Jack   Wing Commander Jack Allan
  Anderson, George   The Shooting of Rudy Roman
  Armstrong, Howie   A Lancaster for Nanton
  Barber, Joseph   Joseph Barber -The 43 Year Old Air Gunner
  Bashow, David   Bomber Command - A 'Blunt Instrument' of War
  Bashow, David   Soldiers Blue
  Bazalgette, Ian W.   Ian W. Bazalgette VC DFC
  Bazalgette, Ian W.   Following Baz
  Bellamy, Jack   John Walter Bellamy, AKA "Jack"
  Black, Cliff   Father Lardie
  Black, Phil   Halifax MZ 516
  Blenkinsop, Edward   "Teddy" Blenkinsop
  Brophy, Pat   Memories of My Buddy, Cpl. Pat Brophy
  Brown, Ken   Ken Brown CGM
  Brown, Shandel M.   Were the Dambuster's Successful?
  Burton, Fred   Lancaster Cold War Memories
  Burton, Fred   The Pucker Factor
  Cameron, Douglas   Douglas Cameron
  Carthy, Stephen   No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery School
  Chadwick, Roy   Roy Chadwick - Artitect of Wings
  Clark, Bert   From the Log of FM-159
  Clift, R.J.   A Bomb for the Museum
  Clothier, Robert   Robert Clothier
  Currie, Donald M.   H2S
  Currie, Donald M.   Some Personal Memories of an RCAF Observer/Navigator
  Currie, Donald M.   The 635 Squadron
  Currie, Donald M.   The Real Story about the Bouncing Bomb
  de Boer, Richard   F For Freddie
  Davidson, Barry   Barry Davidson
  Diebel, Peter   Harvard 3825 - Tragedy in the Bull Creek Hills
  Dowbiggen, W.E. (Bill)   Tire Evokes Memories of War
  Earnshaw, Ken   Ken Earnshaw
  Engbrecht, Peter   Engbrecht & Gillanders
  English, Joe   A Childhood Journey
  English, Joe   A Thank You to the Bomber Boys
  English, Joe   A Tiger Moth
  English, Joe   Back from Munich
  English, Joe   Joe English -Lancaster Pilot
  English, Joe   Manna
  Etheridg, Norm   Norm Etheridge
  Feir, Douglas   Douglas Feir - Officer in Charge of #19 SFTS Photo Section
  Fauquer, Johnny   Johnny Fauquier
  Fauquer, Johnny   The R.C.A.F. Bomber Group in Action
  Ferguson, Matthew   Matthew Ferguson
  Fetherston, Thomas   Thomas Fetherston
  Fey, Tom   The Legendary Rolls-Royce Merlin
  Florence, Elinor   Fred Sutherland - The Last Canadian Dambuster
  Fraser, John   John Fraser & "Hoppy"
  Fulton, John   Wing Commander John "Moose" Fulton DSO, DFC, AFC
  Gaetano, Janet   A Childhood Journey
  Garbas, Frank   The Promise
  Garratt, Fred   A Lancaster for Nanton
  Garshowitz, Albert   The Promise
  Gates, Moe   Watching the Russkies
  Gillanders, Gordon   Engbrecht & Gillanders
  Gosling, Margaret   Pearce Aerodrome
  Gradon, John   Happy Landings
  Groeneveld, Ron   A Thank You to the Bomber Boys
  Groeneveld, Ron   The Dutch Resistance
  Groeneveld, Ron   War II Memories of Ronnie Groeneveld
  Guston, Bill   Without the Bombers, What?
  Halliday, Hugh   Tiger Force
  Harvey, Doug   Groundcrew
  Hazelton, "Shorty"   FM-159 visits Bermuda
  Hollowell, Fred   Making The Merlins Run
  Hopgood, John   John Fraser & "Hoppy"
  Hotson, Fred   Ferrying Lancaster FM159
  Hoult, Doug   The Jacobs Engine
  Hymers, Al   Al Hymers
  James, Lyle   Flak over the River Canard
  Jenkins, Ron   Ron Jenkins, Lady Orchid, and Lancaster FM-213
  Jones, Elgin Keith   Stay Out Of Those Hangars
  Johnson, Bill   The Rainier Picture
  Johnston, Tim   Air Crash Over Calgary
  Jones, Gordon   Living Aviation History
  Kemp, Hugh   Wing Commander John "Moose" Fulton DSO, DFC, AFC
  Keys, James G.   An American in the RCAF
  Kingston, Philip Alan   Kingston Lake
  Knight, Clayton   The Clayton Knight Committee
  Lane, Reg   Reg Lane
  Lang, Harley   Looking for a Lost York from FM-159
  Lardie, John P.   Father John Philip Lardie
  Lesesne, Charles P.   Charles P. "Chuck" Lesesne
  Love, Jim   Peenemunde Raid
  Lowe, Shere   A Dambuster's Daughter
  Magee, John   John Magee
  Mahaddie, Hamish   Hamish Mahaddie
  McCarthy, Joe   Joe McCarthy
  McCarthy, Joe   The Nose Art on Joe McCarthy's Lancasters
  McNorgan, Patrick   The Vulcan Mind Meld
  Meadows, Jack   The Few
  Milberry, Larry   Air Gunner Stories
  Mols, Tim   Norm Etheridge
  Morley, Paul   The Promise
  Mynarski, Andrew   Andrew Mynarski
  Palmer, Jock   John Enderby "Jock" Palmer
  Parker, Charlie   Lancaster KB-885
  Peden, Murray   A Thousand Shall Fall
  Peden, Murray   The Strain of Operational Flying with Bomber Command
  Perry, Richard P.   The Diary of F/L Richard P. Perry
  Pigeon, Lucien   Charles P. "Chuck" Lesesne
  Pittet, Richard   Christmas Mission Home
  Poissant, David   Sandy's Dall
  Prince, Albert Stanley   Albert Stanley Prince
  Reid, William   William Reid VC
  Reimer, Dorothy   Harvard 3825 - Tragedy in the Bull Creek Hills
  Robertson, D. Stewart   D. Stewart Robertson
  Robertson, D. Stewart   RAF Sleap
  Roman, Rudy   The Shooting of Rudy Roman
  Senantes and Nanton   Senantes and Nanton - Twinned Communities
  Sharratt, Norm   How We almost lost FM-159
  Simcoe, Minnie   Minnie Simcoe DFC
  Simonsen, Clarence   Ron Jenkins, Lady Orchid, and Lancaster FM-213
  Simonsen, Clarence   The Clayton Knight Committee
  Spinks, Jonathan   Jonathan Spinks
  Spinks, Jonathan   KB994 Flies Again
  Spinks, Jonathan   The Story of a Tire
  Swift, Jonathan   The Last Rover
  Taerum, Harlo "Terry"   Terry Taerum DFC
  Taylor, Dr. Brian J. DVM   Lancaster FM-159 Floor Restoration
  Thomson, Rick   The Last Mission of RAF Lancaster KB834
  Thornhill, Martin Arthur   Martin Arthur Thornhill - In Memorium
  Todd, Del   Groundcrew
  Travers, Terri   An American in the RCAF
  Tweddle, Douglas   Douglas Tweddle
  Vineberg, Tamara   A Dambuster's Daughter
  Walsh, Frances   Frances Walsh
  Warren, Bruce   Bruce and Douglas Warren
  Warren, Douglas   Bruce and Douglas Warren
  Warren, Duke   Dieppe
  Warren, Duke   The Merlin Story
  White, George   A Lancaster for Nanton
  Whitfield, Paul   William Reid VC
  Witwer, Howard   Howard Witwer's Story
  Wright, Ken   And When Nature Calls

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